(Public, PINK:MMTE)


How long is to long? Every long term investor has been waiting for the elusive land deal announced in the last press release, stating " a lithium and alternative energy mining company, announced today that it is in the process of finalizing all of its financing agreements.

The company has completed negotiations and intends to announce its acquisition roll up of its Chilean concessions imminently."

What does imminently really mean? The previous press release stated "The company is in final stages of negotiations and intends to announce acquisitions of its Chilean concessions by the end of the first quarter with quick plans to up list to the OTC-BB market."

End of first quarter ended 9 days ago. Not sure about this play and where it's headed. Many traders have opted to sit on sidelines waiting for final Pr concluding deal and acreage. We the traders need to see a defenitive agreement. subject to nada!

Which camp are you on? How much are you willing to risk?

On a positive note there does't seem to be any dilution at this point in time. volume has been kept low.

Pro MMTE or Against the W. Lieberman's MMTE?