Sprint Nextel Corporation (Public, NYSE:S)

Sprint experienced a surge in pps yesterday, reasons not clear as of yet (no pun intended) closing at 4.96.

Here are a few guesses
1.ATT deal falling apart due to Gov. intervention.
2.Short panic.
3.Google rebuilding forces, may include sprint. Larry page new ceo
of google.
4.Insiders buying up.
5.News probably this a.m.
6.Iphone 5 deal

excerpt from article Beat week mag.

"And Sprint is about to become the only one of the three remaining major U.S. carriers without the iPhone, and also the smallest, leaving in a position to have to at least ponder making an iPhone 5 deal Apple can’t refuse even as T-Mobile creaks closer to becoming an iPhone carrier by default."

Remember these are just a shot in the dark guesses.

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